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Musayeva Gulustan was born in 1997 in Kazakh. She graduated the university in 2018 and is working at this university now. She has some poets in English and Turkish languages. She tries to draw some drawings due to her poet. Main idea of her creativity is about love, nature, friendship, puerty, and some main beautiful expressions of life.

I feel a heart is just mine, 
How happy, how fine!
It is a love of divine, 
Take God's gift for you!

I am the sea of your ship,
Life made me full of drip,
Let's have a Heaven trip, 
Take God's lift for you!

We are free like a bird, 
You are more than a kind word, 
Not the second, not the third, 
Take God's first for you!!!
Can you see me in the sky? 
Give me a wing make me fly. 
We are away from a lie, 
I love truth of your heart.

I am waiting in the shore, 
Ship commander has a law, 
Maybe the sea looks blue, 
love color of your heart.

Plant a seed into a land, 
Pray for hope raise your hand! 
I have only one homeland, 
I love my home in your heart.
Heart is today full of wishper 
Maybe, giver or a taker 
Pray today for future 
I dont worry about date

I have a home prisoned me
I never leave, I am free 
Only my love is the best key 
I dont wory about gate

I am walking on hope ways 
Life is not days or place
I feel someone always chases 
I dont worry about shade

You show a love with your eyes 
Words are better without lies 
Show me truth when stars rise 
Light my world with your shine

You are angel having a wing 
Write a poet with white ink 
A cup of love, let me drink 
Spin my world with your wine

Heart is drunk of the best one
You kill a life with a love gun 
This drama is like a fun 
Mark my world with your sign

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